chemical syntesis

  1. A

    Dräger CDR 4500 vs Dräger X-plore® 5500, Which one is better for clandestine chemistry?

  2. A

    Does an electric drill with a mixing tip do the same job as an overhead stirrer?

    I wonder if an electric drill with a mixing tip does the same mixing function as an Overhead stirrer, I know that the electric drill is manual, automatic, and does not have a timer, unlike the Overhead stirrer that is autonomous, automatic and has a timer. but there is also a big difference...
  3. C

    Is it possible to replace a chemical reactor or Round-bottom flask with a plastic bucket?

    I would like to know if it is possible to replace a chemical reactor or Round-bottom flask with a plastic bucket or other material resistant to chemical reactions, when doing small-scale chemical synthesis. Thank you all!!
  4. C

    Is there anyway to obtain lysergic acid (CAS;82-58-6) from another chemical precursor?

    I was wondering if there is a way to obtain said substance from another chemical precursor, just like you can obtain MDP2P from PMK's ethyl glycidate. I have seen in this forum that there is the synthesis of lysergic acid but I see that it is very complex and requires someone experienced and...
  5. C

    Step-by-step chemical synthesis of piperonyl methyl ketone (CAS: 4676-39-5) from the PMK ethyl glycidate (CAS: 28578-16-7).

    I have done a search in this forum but I have not found said chemical synthesis, thanks to all. I think this forum should be more organized with each synthesis and its name.
  6. C

    Step-by-step chemical synthesis of 2-CB (CAS: 66142-81-2)

    I would like to know what is the complete chemical synthesis step by step of 2-CB, thank you all!
  7. C

    How to convert from PMK ethyl glycidate (CAS: 28578-16-7) to MDP2P (CAS:4676-39-5)?

    I would like to know how to convert from PMK ethyl glycidate to MDP2P, thanks everyone!
  8. C

    Chemical synthesis of LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide)

    I need the complete step-by-step chemical synthesis of LSD-25, I have searched several times on the clear net but there is very little information, I only know that lysergic acid (CAS: 82-58-6) is used as a precursor, Thank you all!
  9. dark_side_of_chemistry

    calculation of proportions example of mephedrone synthesis

    Hello all . in this thread I would like to present the basics of calculating proportions on the example of mephedrone synthesis calculations. at the very beginning I will start with the fact that proportion counting is one of the main steps before starting work when carrying out any laboratory...
  10. dark_side_of_chemistry

    own idea for studios (lab specialization: mef production)

    Hello everyone, today I would like to share with you my idea for studios. I will try to gradually develop and add new ideas. Hope you also share your solutions and ideas. after all "two heads are more than one" 1. preliminary design of the laboratory. 2. Reaction vessel: 3...
  11. dark_side_of_chemistry

    construction of a fake mephedrone synthesis reactor. own idea

    Hello, I have an idea to build such a tank for mephedrone synthesis .. what do you think, can you advise something, what to change? hardware description: conical tank 115l. attach the stirrer to the top cover, make a hole for an additional substance inlet, install a reflux condenser and a...
  12. Kai

    i am looking for a safe and sustainable method of making acetic anhydride with store bouth stuff

    i don't have access to special chemicals like phosphorus pentoxide or a vacum filter is there a way to make this with store bought items
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