darknet markets

  1. DMTrott

    Drugs, The Darknet & The Media [My Story]

    I spent much of 2023 working on the darknet. This is my story. You won’t be reading anything about it in the media anytime soon. Stay safe. :-) DRUGS, THE DARKNET & THE MEDIA [MY STORY] The darknet drug markets now provide more harm reduction information to users than both the government and...
  2. DMTrott

    Why Darknet Markets Constitute An Essential Public Service

    I posted the following on Reddit a few weeks ago. I think some of the points within it are extremely important, and I will arguing these widely over the coming months. I hope that it is of interest here: DARKNET MARKETS & PUBLIC HEALTH None of the following abrogates you from your...
  3. 41Dxflatline


    Anyone remember those forums where open drug dealing went on and you paid with paypal/WU from before the darknet days? opreview, ratethesource (bleh) and so on?
  4. cubesquare

    H00k3d arrest affidavid

    So I am collecting these stories of failure as they give great insight into the overall process for LE to bust vendors. Interesting is how they play a very long strategic game, narrowing their activities until they net someone. In this one, transactions logged by LE captured DNM's were able to...
  5. cubesquare

    GammaGoblin/Pushing Taboo phish?

    Hello All, I was introduced to GammaGoblin by a vendor in a market - I was given this link: http://jich6wsx2nmvayh34mjo7zj6wwu6jiahzdf3au7fiazx2wzvlftqcxad.onion/ I did some checks against the link at various DNM listing sites and it checked out ok so I registered. Gearing to make a purchase...
  6. KokosDreams

    Offtopic: Couriermarket experience?

    Hey folks, basically the title - does anyone has experience with the DNM 'Courier Market'? Looking to buy some products that I can only find there. Looks kinda sus tbh but they claim to have an escrow on all products. Cincerly, Koko
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