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  1. M

    Carfentanyl, Fentalogues and Nitazines in European Cathinoce Supply

    Hello dear members, I am conducting my own little observation, out of pure curiosity on carfentanyl, fentalogues and nitazines laced cathinones in European supply of cathinones. During the last 12 or so months ago, ever more increasingly, cathinones (mainly 3-CMC and to lesser exten 4-MMC) are...
  2. DMTrott

    The Drug Users Bible [Browser Edition]

    This is the browser version of the paperback and PDF editions of The Drug Users Bible. It comprises the entire book, with navigation and search enabled. A free zip of the site is available for copies to be re-hosted by third parties or browsed offline.
  3. DMTrott

    Drugs, The Darknet & The Media [My Story]

    I spent much of 2023 working on the darknet. This is my story. You won’t be reading anything about it in the media anytime soon. Stay safe. :-) DRUGS, THE DARKNET & THE MEDIA [MY STORY] The darknet drug markets now provide more harm reduction information to users than both the government and...
  4. blacky2340


    The open encyclopedia of psychonautics
  5. Chem-Safe

    Factors that promote controlled substance use

    Introduction The belief that a Substance Use Disorder develops because of the action of the drug is still prevalent in many countries, however, scientific evidence tells us otherwise. Only 10% of the population develops a problem, and some substances are proving to be more effective in the...
  6. Chem-Safe

    Harm Reduction Advice

    If you have any questions, you can contact us privately or post them in this thread. Chem-Safe is a program inside Energy Control project, our team is made up of different professionals working in the field of drugs and sexuality. In addition to analysis and harm reduction, our professionals...
  7. Chem-Safe


    ABOUT THE SERVICE We offer a Drug Checking Service in order to inform the users about the composition of the drugs and therefore are in a position to advise them on the safest way to take the substance. We also offer customized, non-moralistic, and evidence-based drug information directed at...
  8. Chem-Safe

    Is Drug "Addiction" a Brain Disease?

    Does the drug cause the problem? What do you think?
  9. tablet press

    looking to get my #4 lab tested with purity % (harm reduction)?

    i want to provide the consumer a safe highly almost pure product this #4 chinna white was made fresh to my specs i wanna verify the quality and assure future clients that its Fent free and at least 85%to 98% pure i had the cook brew a batch just for me and made sure it was Fent free so it took 2...
  10. DMTrott

    Why Darknet Markets Constitute An Essential Public Service

    I posted the following on Reddit a few weeks ago. I think some of the points within it are extremely important, and I will arguing these widely over the coming months. I hope that it is of interest here: DARKNET MARKETS & PUBLIC HEALTH None of the following abrogates you from your...
  11. DMTrott

    The Drug Users Bible

    People are dying because of ignorance. They are dying because unremitting propaganda is denying them vital safety information. They are dying because legislators and the media are censoring the science, and are ruthlessly pushing an ideological agenda instead. They are dying because the first...
  12. DMTrott

    Download The Drug Users Bible Free Of Charge Here!

    This was always the plan. My book, all 638 pages of The Drug Users Bible, is now FREE to download as a PDF. To get your copy… please read this: 1. WHAT IS IT? In a nutshell, it’s a harm reduction reference tome. From Amazon: “Over a 12 year period the author of this book self-administered over...
  13. Paracelsus

    Gabapentinoids against anxiety. Extraordinary Phenibut

    Today we will talk about a group of substances that have interesting mechanisms of action and multiple applications as a sedative, anti-anxiety and hypnotic. We will talk about gabapentinoids in general, and their unusual representative - phenibut. Why might it be interesting for Breaking Bad...
  14. Paracelsus

    Craving. What it really is and how to deal with it

    Definition Craving - an intense, urgent, or abnormal desire or longing. In our case, we are talking about psychoactive substances. But this can include food, shopping, relationships, impressions, alcohol, junk food, gambling, etc. Thus, craving is a sharp, intense fixation on consuming of...
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