1. Waverunner

    Need advice, just starting. Books and things to learn

    Hello everyone. I finally made up my mind and decided to start learning chemistry ( my head already hurts) I went and picked up the following 1) organic chemistry as a second language (all 4 editions). 2) techniques for the organic chemistry laboratory 3) udemy and other various online...
  2. mortuus1995

    cutting agent for iodine crystal

    im looking for a cutting agent for iodine crystals i read on a forum about MSM but i dont know how i can extract it from pills
  3. Vince Gilligan JR

    "OPSEC" Request for information or validation of my project

    I didn't find a game for opsec in general, so I took the liberty of putting my thread here. If I am not in the right section please let me know. I would like to know if there is a secure and anonymous way to sell on instagram. My plan is simple, I think that most of the people we reach on the...
  4. P


    I am searching for the best way to extract cut from Meth. First time on this great forum so please excuse any verbiage that is not correct. It is not feasible for me to produce my own product at this time so I am forced to get what I can. I have the means to purchase but product is not grade A...
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