1. Cargo Chemicals


    Purity: 98% CAS: 67-64-1 Formula: (CH3)2CO Our company carries out the delivery of any goods that are not prohibited by law from China to the EU. You can receive your goods in a specially equipped cache or by courier delivery.
  2. P

    The acetone conundrum

    Under the topic of purify acetone is always brought up. For all of our interest we'd need (if not exist) a lab analysis from before and after acetone treatment to amphetamine or cocaine salt. Since it's repeatidly meantioned but never with evidence. The common idea is that: You have lets say...
  3. Mynoghra

    Purifying Acetone from Nail Polish Remover

    Thought it would be nice to have a post about extraction/purification of basic and essential over-the-counter products for beginners that lack proper equipment. Today will be Acetone. Why Acetone? Well, sometimes it is too expensive/time consuming/hard/illegal for the beginner to get their...
  4. H


    Question Hello, I need more detailed information about this extraction within my possibilities. The most important question about resources is - The instructions call for the use of naphtha (VM&P Naphtha) I come from the CZECH...
  5. 8

    Solubility experiments

    Let's start a thread on how to measure solubility in general. For specific substances and solvents better start a separate thread, since most readers are probably more interested in the results than in academic discussions. Why? Knowing the solubility at various temperatures helps: determine...
  6. 8

    MDMA.HCl solubility in acetone

    Introduction Acetone is often used to 'wash' MDMA.HCl, i.e. to reduce the amount of pollution before re-crystallization. See MDMA/ecstasy purification method. It's difficult to find data on solubility, probably because of the legal status in many countries. Using this data one can make better...
  7. G.Patton

    Solvents recovery

    Introduction In the synthesis of mephedrone (4-MMC) and other psychoactive substances at different stages (synthesis and purification) use different solvents, which are not entered into a chemical reaction. They remain in the same form as before syntheses. However, they are mixed with dirt, and...
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