1. P

    Looking for mephedrone supplier from China

    Hi there! Looking for mephedrone supplier from China, if you are, please contact me
  2. coke199

    Question about meth production method in Mexico!

    Guys, I watched this documentary: /threads/the-crystal-meth-road-video.198/ But I have a question In this video, they talked about some chemicals sent from China such as (CAS 288573-56-8) to make crystal meth in Mexico. So, What is this chemicals? and Is it still available to get from china and...
  3. S

    what is the best and purest way to make an amp today ?

    apaan is history so forget it bmk powder is verry easy to get you hands on it . liquid bmk starting from zero I read a lot of messages that that bmk powder would not be such a pure product. maybe this is becouse the exact way off doing it perfect is not known . the bmk powder is 99%...
  4. S

    How we know if a cas nr is still legal or not ? (BMK)

    hello , there are some BMK pouders for sale I think 4 different CAS numbers I was wonder how we know if these CAS nr are still legal or not ? also how do they do it at the border to check if a substance is legal or not . do they just belive the CAS nr that is given on the item ?
  5. rickyrick

    RCH21 cannabinoid from chinese supplier anyone has any info on it?

    They have given no IUPAC or CAS does anyone know if this is good?doubt it has Cb1 action because of ban.Its white unlike other new yellow inactive ones but its sketchy.anyone tried it?

    China banned research chemicals

    For several decades, Chinese factories have been the world leader in the supply of synthetic drugs to the international market. With the Research Chemicals emerging, the Chinese synthesized cannabinoids, stimulants, euphoritic drugs, psychedelics, opiates and dissociatives, and produced...
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