1. I

    Any Canadians need gear??

    Are there any Canadians on here having trouble getting their gear ?? If I get enough interest I will begin the process of getting my shop set up on this fourm for you maple heads. Looking forward to serving you guys in the future! Stay safe. Stay vigilante.
  2. Douda

    What is CRACK?

    I have been watching some HOOD GHETTO movies.What is Crack?Do they really cook it on a stove in a kitchen?
  3. T

    How is crack cocaine is 40$ in Iran?

    hi, im from Iran. and i tried crack cocaine about 2 months ago, i researched a bit, and find out. the price is ridiculous. it's about 1,700,000 (40$) Rials in border and you can find it in the cities for about 2,500,000 (60$) Rials. i searched a lot of online markets and this price is to low. im...
  4. K

    about crack

    Hello! I find a tutorial about How to make crack. I want to know if really need to uses ammonia or i can use other things. If yes, what to use? And really need to uses 100%pure cocaine? Thanks
  5. Brinksyy

    Stop by Flea Market !

    Flea Market Flea Market's Official Onion http://llpc53iiugcobsdwjposo4fgdybell3vsemoigep7mo3nxm2vs5yywqd.onion/ >>>For vendors looking to get their name up contact us. The first 10 vendors if not already established will receive a Free Vendors account<<< Payment Options BTC XMR coming...
  6. M

    Cooking crack

    Hello, so as of recently i've been very interested in learning the art of cooking crack, well it's not really an art it's pretty simple but there's different recipes that achieve different purities. I'm gonna share the recipe I found, but I would also like to ask a few questions. Written by the...
  7. G.Patton

    Cocaine separation from phenyltetrahydroimidazothiazole mixtures

    Introduction. Phenyltetrahydroimidazothiazole (i.e., levamisole, dexamisole, ortetramisole) has been increasingly utilized as a cutting agent by South American illicit cocaine laboratories for the past eight years, and is now the most predominant adulterant in cocaine produced in Colombia. The...
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