1. P

    Best EU country for parcel forwarder with weak customs? NL/ES/RO/BG?

    Which is the best EU country with the weakest customs to receive chemicals to a parcel forwaer? NL or ES? I want mainly to import pharma stuff and maybe nootropics, no precursor or hard drugs. Romania und Bulgaria now also schengen members, those are poor countrys, maybe the customs are weak...
  2. G

    Who can sell or make me 4f-PN2P

    Looking for a vendor 
    The titel says it all, who can sell or make me 4f-pn2p (Europe)
  3. guccimannh


    Hey family im from Brazil, Looking for methods to send fish scales to Europe or countries, anyone looking for a good partnership or a real job, let's get to work!
  4. A

    PSE Sulfat (Clarinase)

    Can someone help me with extracting these non over the counter pills?? they contain a lot of waxes, povidone...! it's just for own scale. there must be a simple and successful technique with afterwards rp/I or hp/I reduction possible… there was people which did 2 jears ago but I have no more...
  5. Dystopia

    Post 600 - Vendor Status

    I am a Amphetamine dealer situated in Scandinavia how do I come about becoming a vendor and get vendor status
  6. S

    where can I find DCM in europe online ?

    who wil share some links plz ?
  7. D

    How accessible are LSD and Mushrooms in Barcelona/Madrid and Prague?

    Can i easily get it like in Amsterdam,NL or Toronto,CA?As i know,people there just use clearnet websites to buy those drugs,because police don't care about it there. Or i will have to find some drug dealers on streets or order on darknet in Czech Republic/Spain?
  8. Theodormrl


    Looking for a vendor 
    Hi, I’m looking for pyrrolidine vendor Europe🇪🇺
  9. S

    Numbetal notions any help is welcome.

    Hey guys, can anyone help me out with his know about on this particular product. I'll appreciate. Thanks.
  10. G.Patton

    Over-the-counter (OTC) reagents FAQ

    Introduction How to buy reagents? In this topic, I'll consider the theme of Watched chemicals and where you can buy them without any attention from drug police department of your country. There are some information such as boiling point, melting point ant etc. about popular and available...
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