1. DMTrott

    The Drug Users Bible

    People are dying because of ignorance. They are dying because unremitting propaganda is denying them vital safety information. They are dying because legislators and the media are censoring the science, and are ruthlessly pushing an ideological agenda instead. They are dying because the first...
  2. DMTrott

    Download The Drug Users Bible Free Of Charge Here!

    This was always the plan. My book, all 638 pages of The Drug Users Bible, is now FREE to download as a PDF. To get your copy… please read this: 1. WHAT IS IT? In a nutshell, it’s a harm reduction reference tome. From Amazon: “Over a 12 year period the author of this book self-administered over...
  3. M

    One-Pot Fentanyl Synthesis

    WARNING: Fentanyl is extremely dangerous. Do NOT ATTEMPT this synthesis without naloxone present! DISCLAIMER: This method does not produce high purify fentanyl (avg. is 13.6%, range 0.2% to 36.4%) The original paper talking about this procedure can be found here. Fentanyl is a very powerful...
  4. D


    Question Looking for a vendor 
    Anyone have Xylazine already made into powder? Bulk options?
  5. jaxnoddedinbed

    Looking for a vendor

    I’m looking for a fentanyl vendor! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Having a hard time with stuff I trust where I’m located. And inconsistent street pharmacists irritate me.
  6. jaxnoddedinbed

    I am curious hmmm….

    As my thread title says, I am curious if you can possibly somehow clean street bought fentanyl? I seem to decent stuff from my Mexico connection but I wonder if it’s able to be cleaned to make a stronger product. I get the feeling I want but I am looking for more umff out of it! Let me know if...
  7. C

    Question: What Is The Full Process With Measurements For The Synthesis of Acryl-Fentanyl?

    I found this question in the opioids section someone please answer it. We wanna know. It supposedly lasts longer than fentanyl
  8. P

    Question: What Is The Full Process With Measurements For The Synthesis of Acryl-Fentanyl?

    I can't seem to find this online, can someone help me. It supposedly lasts longer than fent.
  9. cubesquare

    Fentanyl infused weed. Is this a real thing?

    Today I came across a statement by a weed vendor in a DNM where they claimed that a very high %age of weed in the EU is now laced with fent. I have spent some time reading UNODC documents trying to see if this is mentioned anywhere and I found ZERO mention in the cannabis section. In the...
  10. KokosDreams

    'Largest seizure in history': Mexican authorities recover $230M worth of fentanyl after drug bust

    This article contains hyperlinks to clearnet websites Mexican authorities announced it conducted a "historic" raid this month, seizing over half a ton of fentanyl in the state of Sinaloa on Thursday in the largest fentanyl drug bust in the country’s history. The Ministry of National Defense...
  11. JustFuckMyShitUpFam

    Do fentalogues still exist 2022?

    Hi. I hope this is the right forum, but I was wondering if fentalogues actually did still exist? Everyone on Reddit and Dread says no way, but I can't believe some chemist wouldn't actually cash in on it to be honest. And since I just missed that golden age I would die to try something like FuF...
  12. Doc/Rackstackers

    "Popcorn" M-30's (pressed 30mg oxycodone clones)- Does anyone have a good formula?

    I have invested in quite a nice press, a good amount of the "API", and THOUGHT I had all of the required binders and fillers, but I can't seem to figure out what gives that signature "burnt popcorn" taste that all of my clients who smoke the pills are asking for. To me, it's frustrating because...
  13. M

    Fentanyl question

    I have liquid fentanyl (citrate 50mcg), wonder how can it laced on weed. I know that fent is soluble in water/metanol but i am not 100% sure that if i mix the citrate with water/metanol will get effect when i lace it. Do i need first the get the pure fentanyl HCL (powder) from the liquid...
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