1. GBL & GHB Synthesis

    GBL & GHB Synthesis
  2. GhostChemist

    GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate Sodium Salt) Synthesis (Experimental Report)

    Starting reagents and materials 100 ml H2O 7.21 g THF 15.1 g KBrO3 13.6 g KHSO4 14 g Na2S2O5 dissolved in 150 ml H2O 150 ml H2O 250-300 ml DCM 50 g Na2SO4 3.38 g NaHCO3 dissolved in 15 ml H2O 3-neck flask 1000 ml Thermometer High efficiency double circuit reflux Magnetic stirrer Cold...
  3. K

    What's the cheapiest way to synthesize GBL

    Hi comrades, I found a way to make GHB, but I don't want any problem with the justice of my country, so I need to synthesize GBL first to stay in law I found a way with1,4-Butandiol, but I don't found the detail of the preparation have you any method to synthesize GBL for not much money
  4. alpino

    I have a synthesis that I haven't tested

    The following is a novel synthesis method for GBL. excerpt: In to a 100 ml round-bottomed double necked flask containing, THF (0.02 mol, 1.44g), 50% aq. hydrogen peroxide (0.06 mol, 4.08g) and Se02 ( 15mol%, 0.22g). The reaction was continued with vigorous stirring at 35 oc for 15h. The...
  5. D

    Severe GHB upscalling problem! Yellow GHB.

    Hello comrads, I need your help At the moment i am dealing with a severe Sodium Gamma-Hydroxy Butyrate (Na-GHB) upscalling problem. I thought i was a real chef, but now i'm hit with the fact that i don't know shit. I have a methode that works really well in smaller batches. But now I use a...
  6. E


    All sales will be conducted through the Escrow service (NO EXCEPTIONS) Looking for 5-10L (Most likely 10L) MUST provide tracking number MUST ship within 48HRS FAST SHIPPING <------- Thats important
  7. MisterAnonymous

    Dehydrogenation of 1,4-Butanediol (BDO) to gamma-Butyrolactone (GBL) HELP!!

    Hello everyone, I have a question for the experts i have a copper chromite catalyst and BDO. But everything I read about this synthesis is you always need to purify the BDO before you use it to convert to gamma-butyrolacton and you need to purify the GBL afterwars because it containes some...
  8. MisterAnonymous

    Can someone please help me with this 1,4-butanediol (CAS: 110-63-4) --> γ-butyrolactone (GBL) (CAS: 96-48-0) conversion?

    1,4-butanediol is used for the synthesis of γ-butyrolactone (GBL). In the presence of phosphoric acid and high temperature, it dehydrates to the important solvent tetrahydrofuran.[7] At about 200 °C in the presence of soluble ruthenium catalysts, the diol undergoes dehydrogenation to form...
  9. E

    Gamma-Butyrolactone GBL/GHB

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    The goal in mind is to obtain GBL or GHB. Anyone reading this knows all the problems that come with that. So, looking for some help. So my customers do not like BDO, when I say do not like, I mean they HATE IT. They however seem to love GBL & GHB of course (who knows) Anyways, we all know its...
  10. U

    1.4-butanediol (BDO) - How to Convert to GHB??

    I have pure 1.4-butanediol (BDO) it's frozen at 20.1c so I know it's pure stuff. When i melt BDO and take 1ml or 2ml no affect! I THOUGHT it changes to GHB in the body when digested...but has no affects at all.. Am I meant to add or do something to the BDO to make it turn to GHB inside the...
  11. E

    Is there a market for GHB in the under 27 straight demographic in the US, Central Europe & Australia?

    It seems easy enough to make from non-watched precusors in both locales but seems confined to older gay men & unsavory date rape types. Is there something to be built here?
  12. M

    First time going to do Sandmyer GABA to GHB synth...any advice ?

    Hi nice people of BB, So i'm gonna make some ghb through sandmyer reaction of GABA and Soduim nitrite, What do you guys recommend so I can do it successfully ? I have all the common solvents and acids and stuff + glasses and I'm going with this toturial on EW
  13. rothschild33

    GBL synthesis

    The following is a novel synthesis method for GBL. excerpt: source: I have a question about this procedure. Is it possible to use a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide such as...
  14. B

    Gbl (Gamma-butyrolakton), where I can buy this or how to cook this

    I'm living in Poland and here gbl is soo rare. How to produce Gamma-butyrolakton or where I can buy this legit?
  15. G.Patton

    GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate) Synthesis FAQ

    Introduction. This file deals with the synthesis of GHB and related compounds. It is highly dangerous to attempt a synthesis of GHB without the proper knowledge of practical organic chemistry. The far most simple way to produce GHB is by the hydrolysis of the corresponding lactone (a cyclic...
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