1. H

    Synthesis of ketamine from a nontoxic procedure: a new and efficient route

    Is there any master who can provide a tutorial for this article? Abstract Ketamine [2-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-methylamino-cyclohexan-1-one] has been used in both veterinary and human medicine. In this research, a new and efficient protocol has been developed for the synthesis of ketamine, by using...
  2. fidelis

    total synthesis of ketamine (including precursors)

    original synth by zealot, translated 2 english by antoncho :3 ik there r other ketamine syntheses on here but i skimmed thru a couple n this looks different (the only ket precursor synth i saw was 4 a different route). sry if this is a repost, hope this can b of use 2 some chemists!! Foreword...
  3. I

    Ketamine S crystals to liquid?

    Hey guys, need to know how to turn ketamine S from crystals to liquid asap. The reason is probably to make it less noticeable at customs. Then we will probably need to form it to crystals again. If anyone has any experience with this please teach me.
  4. I

    Any Canadians need gear??

    Are there any Canadians on here having trouble getting their gear ?? If I get enough interest I will begin the process of getting my shop set up on this fourm for you maple heads. Looking forward to serving you guys in the future! Stay safe. Stay vigilante.
  5. I

    Ketamine crystal forms

    Hello everyone, friend asked me if ketamine crystals can be changed to different form like a candel or something. He sells ket in bulk so the purpose is to make the shipments less noticable at customs. It would be S-ketamine. He said he did something similar with mdma and silicon shapers. Can...
  6. J

    Ketamine hcl to powder?

    I have 10ml vial of 50mg/ml ketamine hydrochloride pharmacy grade. now i want to make powder form of it can anybody help with the procedures?
  7. C

    making ketamine rocks?

    Does anyone one know or have any experience transforming ketamine salts into rock, is it the same as mdam crystallization via water or is it a different method all together?
  8. L

    Looking for ketaminol

    Hi, I am looking for somebody from Europe who can supply Ketaminol or any similar chemical. As far as I know, this chemical is for veterinary usage, meant to horses, cats or elephants even depending on dossage. This is the commercial form for the famous ketamine, which could be obtained from...
  9. S


    Hello, could you tell me which drug is which? For example 2-fdck = ketamine mdphp = mdma I would like to know what illegal substance it looks like. Is there any similar to cocaine? and another that looks like mdma? If there is any forum that explains it, can you pass it on? Many thanks
  10. K

    Looking for a chemist to help with synethesis of Ketamine.hcl - Payed Job

    Hello ladies and gents, I am a UK vendor that sells an assortment of drugs mosty in the party space, we are rather large established operation. we have currently acquired 250kg of Hydroxylimine Hydrochloride (precursor A ketamine). I know this is an intermediate precursor and from my research...
  11. O

    ketamine crystals

    ¿Guide to cooking crystals K?
  12. G.Patton

    Ketamine precursor synthesis

    Introduction 2-(2-Chlorophenyl)-2-hydroxycyclohexanone (cas 1823362-29-3) is a precursor in simple Ketamine synthesis. This synthesis has less step than classical Ketamine synthesis from cyclopentyl bromide and o-chlorobenzonitrile and a little bit bigger yield. Moreover, you can ship...
  13. G.Patton

    Ketamine synthesis from 2-(2-Chlorophenyl)-2-hydroxycyclohexanone

    Introduction In this method, imiеation of (1) was carried out by the reaction of this compound with methylamine. The reaction was carried out in the presence of 0.04 g of potassium carbonate and in the dark and solvent-free conditions. Finally, thermal rearrangement of (2) produced ketamine (3)...
  14. G.Patton

    Ketamine synthesis

    Overview. Ketamine is more difficult to synthesize than the previously considered PCP derivatives. Although it is currently a popular and common drug on the illicit market, it is obtained exclusively by diversion of commercial sources rather than synthesis. This route has an overall yield of...
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