1. KurtV989

    My Lab Set Up - Advice, Critiques, Slaps Upside The Head If Neccessary

    Hello Friends, I have received the rest of the equipment needed to begin running my lab. It is set up in our basement, I've cordoned off a section and draped it with painters plastic, it is crude but will serve its purpose. I have: an empty beverage fridge that is presently sitting at about...
  2. P

    Drug lab explosion

    what do you think guys?
  3. KokosDreams

    DIY: Portable Lab (Walk-In Fume Hoods)

    Hey folks, as the title says, I was thinking about DIY walk in fume hoods. A fume hood generally is a great addition to a lab, but what about creating a system that extracts and converts all the fumes and air from the lab while guiding it to the same pipes that come from the main extractors...
  4. KokosDreams

    Spanish police seize 827,000 ecstasy tabs in country's biggest ever 'synthetic' drug bust

    Eleven gang members, including the network’s Dutch leader, have been arrested in the biggest 'synthetic' drug raid in Spanish history. Spanish Police announced that the case involved a “criminal organization with the greatest reach in the production and trafficking of synthetic drugs in the...
  5. KokosDreams

    The Wild Story Of William Leonard Pickard, The ‘Acid King’ Who Once Made 90 Percent Of The World’s LSD

    When William Leonard Pickard was arrested by the DEA in November 2000, agents allegedly seized enough acid for 400 million trips from his missile silo lab in Kansas. DEAPickard was given two life sentences to be served at the U.S. Penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona. On Nov. 6, 2000, Kansas...
  6. KokosDreams

    Laboratory manufacturing athlete doping substances dismantled in Benalmadena

    Laboratory manufacturing athlete doping substances dismantled in Benalmadena Police operation in Benalmadena dismantles clandestine laboratory manufacturing doping substances used by athletes As reported in a statement from the police, an operation in the Malaga municipality of Benalmadena has...
  7. KokosDreams

    Spanish police raid outdoor cocaine lab capable of making 120kg of drug a week

    Operation on farm near Madrid resembled clandestine outdoor labs found in jungles of South America, police said Spanish police have arrested 12 people after raiding a cocaine laboratory near Madrid that operated like the clandestine outdoor labs found in the jungles of South America and which...
  8. KokosDreams

    Two Brits are arrested in Spain after police find 8,700 LSD tablets and 10 kilos of amphetamines in 'Breaking Bad' style lab

    Two British nationals have been arrested in Spain following drugs bust Police seized 8,700 LSD tablets and 10 kilos of amphetamines in Leioa Officers say the designer drugs were sent abroad to Europe and the US Police in Spain have arrested two Brits after dismantling a 'Breaking Bad' style...
  9. W

    Hola a todos, me presento

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    Hello everyone, I introduce myself and make my first post. I don't know where it should be placed and I'll put it in this category. I have stumbled upon this site and it has been like finding gold, over several years I have browsed, read and researched both on drugs and also chemistry. This...
  10. Novator

    Set up your garage chemistry lab

    Lab is in the garage. The garage was inherited, or you bought it yourself - no matter. From boxing in a yacht club to built with your own hands, any garage can bring money. Preparing to launch an underground laboratory is 50% success. During the preparation phase, contingencies should be...
  11. A

    Where should I place my lab?/cool locations + a couple bonus questions

    I moved to another country to my wife's place and I don't have access to my old basement anymore, where I planned to start doing chemistry. Even though I got a bunch of glassware, I don't have a place to cook. (the wife knows, just doesn't want it in the house) Where do you think would be a...
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