1. KokosDreams

    DIY: Portable Lab (Walk-In Fume Hoods)

    Hey folks, as the title says, I was thinking about DIY walk in fume hoods. A fume hood generally is a great addition to a lab, but what about creating a system that extracts and converts all the fumes and air from the lab while guiding it to the same pipes that come from the main extractors...
  2. GaDjo

    where to buy laboratory glassware and equipment ?

    Good morning all I would like to estimate the cost of a lab of 4-MMC and/or amphetamine. For that, I have to look for laboratory glassware. I've tried looking in existing threads, but can't find any advice on where to buy it. So, do you have a site to advise me to buy my first pieces? I'm in...
  3. M

    searching chemistry man with experience.

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    Hello ladies and genlemans, so i searching chemistry man with experience to go out of country for job offer is very big, if any serious man interested text me, oh one more thing u need to give answer me of this code: #***#**#*#
  4. Hated Chimicals

    I want to start as a chemical supplier, where do I begin?

    Hello, I want to start as a supplier for chemicals, for the people in this market. Only I don't know where to start, I have also heard that there is good money in this. i don't have a warehouse or anything, but want to go more into the dropship side for chemicals. For the rest, I also don't...
  5. B

    best places to produce synthetics discreetly

    should I do it in a farm, garage, trailer in the middle of nowhere...?
  6. dark_side_of_chemistry

    calculation of proportions example of mephedrone synthesis

    Hello all . in this thread I would like to present the basics of calculating proportions on the example of mephedrone synthesis calculations. at the very beginning I will start with the fact that proportion counting is one of the main steps before starting work when carrying out any laboratory...
  7. brianvene1

    Homemade gear

    Hello, I have recently observed throughout my study and research that the use of homemade equipment is almost entirely used in clandestine laboratories. And it is not for lack of resources, but to allow its use in a discreet way, without drawing attention to its obtainment, in some cases with...
  8. dark_side_of_chemistry

    own idea for studios (lab specialization: mef production)

    Hello everyone, today I would like to share with you my idea for studios. I will try to gradually develop and add new ideas. Hope you also share your solutions and ideas. after all "two heads are more than one" 1. preliminary design of the laboratory. 2. Reaction vessel: 3...
  9. Novator

    The Construction And Operation Of Clandestine Drug Laboratories

    The Construction And Operation Of Clandestine Drug Laboratories Year: 1994 Pages: 124 This book describes, in step-by-step, illustrated detail, how to set up and run a clandestine drug lab - without getting caught Jack B. Nimble reveals how to select a location, discusses safety precautions -...
  10. A

    Where should I place my lab?/cool locations + a couple bonus questions

    I moved to another country to my wife's place and I don't have access to my old basement anymore, where I planned to start doing chemistry. Even though I got a bunch of glassware, I don't have a place to cook. (the wife knows, just doesn't want it in the house) Where do you think would be a...
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