LSD-25 & Tryptamine Synthesis: A Comprehensive Overview

  1. L

    Lsd batches

    I recently ordered from a vendor claiming that his lsd is produced using Nick sand's recipe, is Nick sand's specific recipe really out there ? or is this just a marketing ploy?
  2. psy

    LSD synthesis video

    Hello friends, I have been planning a synthesis of LSD for a little while. If you would like to see this, let me know. Odds are, I am going to do it anyway, with or without a camera recording, so I am trying to figure out if it is worth the hassle. The synthesis would be on a 100mg scale...
  3. C

    Chemical synthesis of LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide)

    I need the complete step-by-step chemical synthesis of LSD-25, I have searched several times on the clear net but there is very little information, I only know that lysergic acid (CAS: 82-58-6) is used as a precursor, Thank you all!
  4. H

    do you know any reliable lsd vendors on darknet? europe

    Looking for a vendor 
    idk where to look. every site i find is a scam. can someone help me? im looking for lsd in europe.
  5. E

    How can i make Anhydrous Hydrazine?

    Hello, I want make lsd with this method: Add 1.2 g of ergotamine hydrochloride to 4 ml of anhydrous hydrazine and heat 1 hour at 90°. Add 20 ml of water and evaporate in vacuo, to get d-iso-lysergic acid hydrazine. 1 g of the lysergic hydrazine is powdered well and added to 40 ml of 0.1 N (ice...
  6. I

    I'm Looking For 15 tabs LSD, Where to Buy Them Securely?

    Looking for a vendor 
    I want to order 15 tabs of LSD, and than I can buy bulk in the future maybe. We are setting LSD market in my country, but we are in beginning.
  7. O


    how to cook lsd from morning glory?
  8. WillD

    LSD synthesis from lysergic acid via PyBOP

    Reagents: Lysergic acid (cas 82-58-6)2.80 g; Methylene chloride (DCM; CH2Cl2) 190 ml; N,N-Diethylmethylamine (cas cas 616-39-7) 1.81 g; PyBOP (cas 128625-52-5) 5.70 g; Diethylamine (cas 109-89-7) 0.84 g; Ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH) 100 ml 7.5 M; Sodium bicarbonate (cold saturated aq solution)...
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