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    How to make chewable sildenafil

    as the title says. I have basic chemistry knowledge but would like a recipe and production instructions on how to manufacture either chewable sidenafil or a lozenge type tablet? any help would be appreciated!
  2. T

    Cheapest way of Making Ecstasy pills from MDMA without a pill press

    What you’ll need To press your own XTC pills, you will need a pill die(you can buy this kind of stuff from AliExpress), a coffee grinder, a hammer, a bench vise, some Microcrystalline Cellulose(MCC-Ph102), some food color in powder form, and of course, MDMA. Grinding the MDMA The first step...
  3. U

    easiest small scale cook set up at home

    Looking for a synthesis technique using most readily available products. Just enjoy playing in the kitchen and am looking to produce small amounts. I have successfully synthesized DMT and several THC concentrates, so I am not totally a beginner, but not far off either. Anyone able to point me...
  4. R

    Procuring Coca Leaves

    Not looking for a link/source, unless thats allowed? (not sure what the rules are here on that) Is it feasible from within the US? I'm aware that the yield is something like 0.5% the mass of dried leaves, but I'm intrigued by the prospect of having such a pure product. Has anybody tried the...
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