1. JustFuckMyShitUpFam

    Does anyone else use diff apps/stuff to buy drugs online?

    Asking for a friend ofc! :) I have been out of it for a while.. used to buy small amounts of meth, coke, heroin, methadon, zenes and other synth opis on the markets but no kidding, what the hell happened? barely any proper market is still standing and its XMR only too which is kinda annoying...
  2. DMTrott

    Why Darknet Markets Constitute An Essential Public Service

    I posted the following on Reddit a few weeks ago. I think some of the points within it are extremely important, and I will arguing these widely over the coming months. I hope that it is of interest here: DARKNET MARKETS & PUBLIC HEALTH None of the following abrogates you from your...
  3. S

    All Markets Down????

    All Markets down... same with Dread and other forums... That since Saturday.... Cant connect to Alphabay, Asap, Inkognito, Archetype and so on... Which little bastard is DDosing????
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