1. P

    Question regarding mdp2p Nabh4 reduction

    After nabh4 addition is complete and mixed for a few hours after can you let the mix sit for a few hours and the freebase oil layer will rise to the top and can be seperated? this eliminates the need for dcm or toluene extraction but does effect yield.
  2. H

    synthesis about theoretical synthesis of MDP2P

    Is there anyone that is speaclised in synthesis using fried-crafts adylation ? I would like to send them a theoretical synthesis but don’t want to post it if it’s not correct .
  3. J

    MDP2P From PMK Glycidate

    I have been out of the game for years.. i ran a operation for a while that i did 250g batches using Al/Hg method. I have made mdp2p all the way from shaving sass root bark until i discovered PMK glycidate. BIG game changer lol. Anyways ive found myseld getting back into the action again and have...
  4. A

    how much PMK ethyl glycidate (CAS: 28578-16-7) is required to obtain 1 liter of PMK (CAS: 4676-39-5)?

    and with 1 liter of PMK, how much MDMA can be obtained? Thank you, all!! :)
  5. T0lek511

    Synthesis of MDMA from ethyl vanillin

    An OTC MDMA synthesis route. Even though many routes exist for the synthesis of MDMA but in some routes the precursors are not easily obtainable (like safrole,palladium catalysts,etc), in some routes scalability is an issue (like if you start from vanillin/eugenol as a precursor scalability...
  6. C

    Someone has successfully purchased PMK (CAS: 4676-39-5) from a Chinese Supplier?

    I see most buy pmk ethyl glycidate (28578-16-7) and then convert it to PMK (4676-39-5) but I see that converting from one substance to another is complex, and I was curious if anyone has been able to successfully and without being scammed, buy the PMK directly, without the need to buy an...
  7. C

    How to convert from PMK ethyl glycidate (CAS: 28578-16-7) to MDP2P (CAS:4676-39-5)?

    I would like to know how to convert from PMK ethyl glycidate to MDP2P, thanks everyone!
  8. T


    in the synthesis of piperonal and nitroethane, Could I replace it with nitromethane?
  9. V

    Video of MDP2P synthesis

    Hello guys I have a question: There was a video of a complete synthesis of MDP2P in the category video. But now it is gone! Does anyone know the reason why and where I can find or download it from? Thank you very much for any kind of help.
  10. H

    28578-16-7 To mdp2p help

    This is so frustrating. I’ve followed processes to the T and first i yielded a resist clear oil, this second time distilling under vac not exceeding 106c I yielded a totally clear liquid which smells like solvents. idk anymore. Here’s some pics of after adding the pmk oil to 300 ml of naOH...
  11. T0lek511

    From Black Pepper To MDMA Theory

    Hi, This is my first big project in organic chemistry. So your help is welcome. My theory is isolate a piperine from black pepper and convert to a piperic acid. And reaction with potassium permanganate cause a oxidative cleavage and makes piperonal and piperonylic acid (Is possible this acid...
  12. G.Patton

    MDMA synthesis via NaBH4 from MDP2P

    Introduction The following method shows that the NaBH4 reduction actually is superior to all other common routes used in clandestine chemistry and this method allows to scale MDMA synthesis unlike aluminum amalgam reduction. The method is quite simple, it doesn't take expensive equipment...
  13. D

    MDMA Synthesis From Pure PMK Oil

    Hello, I've recently come across a local connection who's able to provide me with [~92%] PMK oil. I've been reading various PMK -> MDMA synth guides on here and other forums, however I'm finding myself asking more questions than the guides are answering. Somebody recommended I try Bright...
  14. G.Patton

    MDP2P (PMK) total synthesis via Safrole

    Introduction These precursors, are controlled or regulated substances in many jurisdictions. The use of uncontrolled precursors therefore offers clandestine laboratory operators a strategy to reduce the risk associated with detection. Catechol (1) is a common chemical reagent that is synthesized...
  15. WillD

    MDMA synthesis via Pt/H2. Small scale.

    Reaction scheme: Reagents: Methylamine 40% aq (cas 74-89-5) 2 ml; Ethanol (EtOH) 5 ml; 3,4-Methylenedioxyphenylpropan-2-one (MDP2P; PMK; cas 4676-39-5) 2 ml; Adams' catalyst (PtO2; cas 1314-15-4) 0.05 g; Distilled water 165 ml; Hydrochloric acid (36% aq HCl); Dichloromethane 450 ml; Dodium...
  16. WillD

    MDMA synthesis from piperonylmethylketone (PMK/MDP2P) with formic acid

    Reaction scheme: Equipment and glassware: 100 ml round bottom flask; Retort stand and clamp for securing apparatus (optional); Reflux condenser; Heating plate; Funnel; Syringe or Pasteur pipette; pH indicator papers; Beakers (250 mL x2, 100 mL x4); Vacuum source; Laboratory scale (0.01-100 g...
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