1. Lydia

    2-BROMO-1-PHENYL-PENTAN-1-ONE CAS 49851-31-2

    Product Name: 2-BROMO-1-PHENYL-PENTAN-1-ONE Cas NO: 49851-31-2 Molecular Formula: C11H13BrO Boiling Point: 282.267℃ at 760 mmHg Flash Point: 42.513°℃ Aliase: CAS 49851-31-2 high quality 2-BROMO-1-PHENYL-PENTAN-1-ONE 2-bromo-1-phenylpentan-1-one Purity: 99.99% Appearance:Liquid
  2. Lydia

    1-(benzo[d][1,3]dioxol-5-yl)-2-bromopropan-1-one CAS:52190-28-0

    Product Name:1-(benzo[dl[1.3]dioxol-5-y)-2-bromopropan-1-one Cas NO.:52190-28-0 Purity: 99% Usage:pharmaceutical intermediate Molecular Formula: C10H9BrO3 Flash Point :162.857 Boiling Point :345.673°C at 760 mmHg Aliase:Bromo-3'4'- (methylenedioxy) Appearance:Brown Powder
  3. flyrc

    5cladb precursor

    Formal Name:N-(1H-indazol-3-ylcarbonyl)-3-methyl-L-valine, methyl ester CAS Number:2709672-58-0 Molecular Formula:C15H19N3O3 Formula Weight:289.3 Purity:≥98% 【Delivery】We guarantee your parcel 100% customs clearance. We have experience in shipping without customs clearance and double customs...
  4. Frit Buchner

    What's the danger?

    These items have been staring me down for weeks. These sellers have 100's of sales and ratings so I have no doubt people are receiving these items. I bought a gram of harmaline from eBay a couple of weeks ago. I received it and it's a genuine product. Anyways, what do think happens when you...
  5. B

    "Romanian precursor laws are a joke"

    Looking for a vendor 
    We read a while back this thing "Romanian precursor laws are a joke" and it is to our interest to learn more about it as we live quite close to Romania, just two countries away. Are precursors easy to get there? What companies/individuals sell such chems, which chems are easy to get and later...
  6. Rutherford

    Hydrobromic Acid?

    Hello everyone! I'm new here. I'm just a beginner hobbyist who wants to enter the world of chemistry. I would like to know if any of you know any way to synthesize the a-pvp precursor substances (for example: 48% hydrobromic acid, pyrrolidine and valerophenone). since in my country it's quite...
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