1. fidelis

    isosafrole using Fe(CO)5

    synthesis by raffike from the vespiary :3 pls note that Fe(CO)5 is super toxic and "it's recommended to do the reaction under a fume hood or with good ventilation" Reagents: ᗢ 500 grams of safrole distilled from Ocotea Cymbarum ᗢ 3 grams of technical +98,5%NaOH ᗢ 3 grams of lab grade Fe(CO)5...
  2. fidelis

    link to project blackbook (for beginners)

    link here just make sure to read the replies and pay attention to the corrections in red text!! :3
  3. fidelis

    link to "detailed methods for non-chemists"

    hey :3 i would copy-paste this like i usually do with vespiary stuff but theres a lot of info so i decided 2 leave it in link form. there are many syntheses and theyre easy 2 read and perfect for beginners. enjoy!
  4. fidelis

    safrole separation with mercuric acetate

    here are 3 methods for the isolation of safrole i grabbed from here ^_^ check the link for references Here are the first three references from TSII that deal with the purification of safrole from essential oils using another mercury salt, mercuric acetate [Mg(AcO)2]. Note than in TSII, Strike...
  5. D

    Piper Auritum. A new source of safrole

    Where I live there is no source to get safrole other than piper auritum, with the advantage that this is a plague and it is everywhere, what you guys think about the synthesis of mdma from piper auritum oil, I am purifying the oil as shown in strike Total Synthesis, purification with 28% glacial...
  6. H

    MDMA from safrole ?

    Will it work? What conditions should be?
  7. G.Patton

    MDP2P (PMK) total synthesis via Safrole

    Introduction These precursors, are controlled or regulated substances in many jurisdictions. The use of uncontrolled precursors therefore offers clandestine laboratory operators a strategy to reduce the risk associated with detection. Catechol (1) is a common chemical reagent that is synthesized...
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