1. S

    any vendors that are actually legit and not just some scammy shady person

    I want amphetamine or known precursers and not a designer drug that scientists haven't even tested yet or speed disguised as a supplement like slimming pills have sibutramine for example, does anyone know such supplement?
  2. RegulierTier

    [WTB] Arecoline

    Looking for a vendor 
    Hey guys, I'm looking for a vendor for Arecoline (cas: 63-75-2) or Arecoline hydrobromide (cas: 300-08-3). Is there anybody who can help me?
  3. A

    Is Precursor-supplier a trusted seller ?

    Hello everyone is Precursor-supplier a trusted seller ?
  4. G

    Who can sell or make me 4f-PN2P

    Looking for a vendor 
    The titel says it all, who can sell or make me 4f-pn2p (Europe)
  5. D

    Mephedrone Simplest Recipe

    Looking for a vendor 
    Does someone sell some kind of kit for Mephedrone with these: 2b4mp* - 100g Benzene - 200ml Methylamine 40% - 140ml Hydrochloric acid - 40ml Acetone - 600ml Or should I buy bigger quantity of these? And which vendor will y all recommend?
  6. P

    Telegram Breaking Bad Forum is legitim vendor?

    Looking for a vendor 
    Searching on Telegram, I came across the user @BBGates, on a page called @BBGateMenu, where there are a series of vendors and I would like to know how legitimate it is.
  7. P

    Looking for supplier of 1-M-TOLYL-PENTAN-1-ONE (CAS 20359-57-3)? 2KG

    Looking for a vendor 
    As the title says i am looking for a supplier of 1-M-TOLYL-PENTAN-1-ONE (CAS 20359-57-3) 2KG? in Europe preferably, international vendor can work if they have rep.
  8. I

    Is legit?

    Is Wuhan WinGroup Pharmaceutical a legit chemicals vendor? This is a rather simple question but I am still uncertain. They do have offers in the listings and claim to offer escrow orders here over BB. But I still have trouble finding enough information about them. There is only a single thread...
  9. C

    It is safe to give an address to a professional vendor?

    Let's assume buying a few grams of chemical of a well rated professional vendor within your country where no dead drop is possible. Let's neglect the risk that a small, stealthy letter could be seized, if there are no customs. Still there is one issue, this is only for the buyer (the vendor is...
  10. The-Hive


    Not the Easiest to get hold of in the UK To get it sent international over this way anybody have any good recommendations
  11. H

    is kerberos legit?

    Looking for a vendor 
    has anyone bought anything from this site?: kerberosemtkeqh7pznmv3negqhudxk5po3awdazx5fqgizttr6xeiid.onion
  12. H

    do you know any reliable lsd vendors on darknet? europe

    Looking for a vendor 
    idk where to look. every site i find is a scam. can someone help me? im looking for lsd in europe.
  13. J

    4-MMC Mephedrone, Tryptamine, and Disso Manufacturer

    Looking for a vendor 
    I'm looking for a 4-MMC or Mephedrone manufacturer. I am also looking for those that can produce or supply 5-meo-mipt HCL, 5-mapb HCL, DCK, and 5-meo-pce (or pcp). I will ignore resellers that gouge prices and those that are inexperienced. I buy in bulk, but I start in smaller amounts that...
  14. malayboy

    Any RC vendors from worldwide except China?

    Looking for a vendor 
    any recommended RC vendors who providing China RC vendors I think mostly are scam now, but europe vendor in BB forum listing don't provide those, any other vendors suggestion?
  15. GrumpyPenis

    How do you have vendors use your site?

    So would they pay me and I make the post for them? Do I make them pay to have an account on my site? or do I let them have an account for free, then charge them a small fee when someone buys from them? Would I make it a one time fee or a monthly fee ( for buying an account ) I know this is...
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