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Buy Genuine Medications Online At The Lowest Prices - Store Overnight
Buy online brand and generic medicines - Adderall, Ambien, Oxycodone, Xanax, Oxycontin without a prescription, overnight delivery at Store Overnight.

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I placed an order on/around 1.25.24 (60ct script Oxy 80s) and selected the overnight delivery option for $50 with the same faith I had for another individual vendor I found thanks to this site ( Shortly after placing the order, I received a phone call from a “representative” of that service (phone number displayed at “Ragtop Auto” (+1 (786) 671-3134) who informed me that the order would be shipped from overseas and would take between 25-30 business days to arrive. He of course offered a domestic alternative for exponentially more money ($2800 vs ~$300), an offer I declined. Subsequently, my order was processed (according to him) and could therefore not be refunded. When I followed up today, 8 days later, asking when it shipped and what he tracking was, he informed me that it would be 2+ months. I asked that the order either be shipped within the original timeframe or that the order be cancelled and a refund given. He said he could do neither. I bring this to your attention, because this does not feel, in any way, like a legitimate operation. It’s definitely not the first time I’ve been scammed, and while the money wasn’t a significant sum, if it takes 60+ days to ship something, with a legitimate business, that affords one sufficient time to cancel an order and tender a refund. At this point, I expect neither the money nor the product to be delivered.

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