1. S

    Is it safe to sell drugs on instagram?

    Hey, is it safe to sell drugs on instagram? I want to start selling drugs and I thought I could try it through instagram, if it is safe how to do it so that I remain anonymous
  2. fidelis

    the thing i dont understand about drug schedules

    hey, im an american, so let me know if its different for you guys but i dont get how literal METH (desoxyn) is a schedule 2 drug (allowed if you have a prescription) while weed and psychedelics are schedule 1 (not allowed at all). no matter how much the government wants to preach about caution...
  3. DMTrott

    The Drug Users Bible [Browser Edition]

    This is the browser version of the paperback and PDF editions of The Drug Users Bible. It comprises the entire book, with navigation and search enabled. A free zip of the site is available for copies to be re-hosted by third parties or browsed offline.
  4. DMTrott

    Drugs, The Darknet & The Media [My Story]

    I spent much of 2023 working on the darknet. This is my story. You won’t be reading anything about it in the media anytime soon. Stay safe. :-) DRUGS, THE DARKNET & THE MEDIA [MY STORY] The darknet drug markets now provide more harm reduction information to users than both the government and...
  5. A

    How to erase traces of fingerprint marks from transparent zip-type plastic bags and from paper envelopes?

    Is there any effective technique to remove fingerprint traces from plastic zip bags, paper mail envelopes to avoid being discovered by law enforcement? Thank you!!
  6. Heisenberg5994


    It's been 20 years since I last had ecstacy, would love to do it again. All my searches turned up empty. Plenty of meth and fatty, but yuck. Sick of it. I would love to find some real x or molly. Help me find anyone, I'm patient
  7. SamAltman

    Ask DrugGPT anything

    Hello, I have a bot called DrugGPT who is an expert on drugs, cooking, selling, distributing, etc. I will ask the bot any questions you may have and send them to you. Feel free to ask anything. Works on almost every question. Good luck, Sam P.S. You can look at all my messages / replys and see...
  8. DMTrott

    The War On Drugs Is A War Of Terror

    The harm caused to drug consumers via the machinery of governments is often significantly greater than that caused by the drugs themselves. Families are ripped apart, people have their lives shattered by cruel incarceration, and entire sections of society live at risk and in fear. Thus, by...
  9. A

    Methods of sending drugs with postal mail without leaving fingerprints?

    I need some method to not leave fingerprints or other evidence that could be linked to me when sending drugs through the mail. Thank you!!
  10. DMTrott

    The Drug Users Bible

    People are dying because of ignorance. They are dying because unremitting propaganda is denying them vital safety information. They are dying because legislators and the media are censoring the science, and are ruthlessly pushing an ideological agenda instead. They are dying because the first...
  11. DMTrott

    Download The Drug Users Bible Free Of Charge Here!

    This was always the plan. My book, all 638 pages of The Drug Users Bible, is now FREE to download as a PDF. To get your copy… please read this: 1. WHAT IS IT? In a nutshell, it’s a harm reduction reference tome. From Amazon: “Over a 12 year period the author of this book self-administered over...
  12. Paracelsus

    Mindheal - Harm Reduction for Everyone!

    Mindheal is a non-commercial online project that aims to tell as many people as possible about the principles of Harm Reduction and change the attitude of society towards psychoactive substances and those who use them.
  13. B

    Drugs made from scratch

    Hello BB community, What Drugs are easy to synthesize and relatively cheap? GHB and other stuff
  14. B

    How to meet the PlugMan.

    Two plug men here and here we tell you how you can meet me or my brother or our fellow counterparts in or around you area. Dealers are paranoid indeed but you shouldnt have any problem with this. The level of paranoia a dealer has is equivalent with the "fame"/popularity the dealer has. That...
  15. G

    How much is 1kg of each drug from the cheapest areas you can get them from?

    I know coke is about 2000 or so from bolvia columbia and places like that, does anyone know ? What drugs can be manfuactured anywhere and what ones can't?
  16. Ahilas

    Easiest street drug to make, and is cheap to make

    Easiest street drug to make, and is cheap to make?
  17. KokosDreams

    Police bust international drug trafficking gang that worked in Netherlands and Spain

    Agents of the Spanish National Police have dismantled a criminal organisation dedicated to international drug trafficking in the Netherlands and Spain, involved in the processing and distribution of various narcotic substances of synthetic origin, as well as the extraction of coca base paste or...
  18. M


    Question Looking for a vendor 
    2cb is being used very commonly, a few days ago I saw that a guy was making the drug 2cb with a pot and some chemicals but he went to another country and I couldn't ask him how to do it. Could you help me? I want to make 2cb.
  19. nomad

    The Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs

    The Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs written by Richard Lawrence Miller, published 2002.
  20. dark_side_of_chemistry

    new idea for a mephedrone synthesis device from the recipe: Mephedrone synthesis in the NMP (large scale)

    Yo . I came up with another idea how to build a synthesis device ... (for mephedrone synthesis in nmp) thanks to the gravitational flow of the liquid we are able to divide the solution after the reaction (right after the methylamination is finished). Thanks to this, in tanks of this capacity...
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