1. T0lek511

    OTC Synthesis of P2P

    Chapter 1 Benzene Reagents 100 g Sodium Benzoate 0,877 mol (C7H5NaO2) 60 g NaOH 1,5 mol Procedure 1. mix it and crush it 2. Carry out a dry distillation of a mixture of benzoate and hydroxide 3. Pre-distill the orange liquid to produce a transparent benzene solution (benzene boils at...
  2. KokosDreams

    Looking for business relationship to polish citizens

    Looking for a vendor 
    Dear BB community, I am looking to build a business relationship with polish citizens. To describe what I am looking to do: To be able to scale this business faster, a partnership would be required, which would also decrease risk for me, which is the reason why I am willing to try working on a...
  3. G.Patton

    Over-the-counter (OTC) reagents FAQ

    Introduction How to buy reagents? In this topic, I'll consider the theme of Watched chemicals and where you can buy them without any attention from drug police department of your country. There are some information such as boiling point, melting point ant etc. about popular and available...
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